The Waldo’s Coffeehouse presents Mindy Simmons SATURDAY, JULY 14th AT 7:00 PM

Mindy Simmons


A dose of singer/songwriter Mindy Simmons is just what the laugh doctor ordered. She is truly a genuine performer who guides her audience down the bumpy road of life smiling all the way. Mindy combines quick wit and charm with a voice that moves flawlessly from satin smooth to gutsy, creating a memorable performance that feels like an evening with your best friend.
A seasoned professional, Mindy has toured nationwide since 1980. Her repertoire is a soulful combination of originals and standards that has shaped her career. She has sold thousands of her CD’s to her growing loyal fan base.

Mindy energizes her audiences with her delightful interaction and broad emotional performances. She engages them with her witty banter between songs, while her songs themselves often show a healthy dose of humor.

Seeing Mindy Simmons perform is fun!

Want hear some samples of her songs? Visit this webpage and click on the top video:

The concert at Emerson UUC in Marietta starts at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Entrance donation is $10. Snacks are available, but contributions by members to our snack table are always appreciated. Adult beverages will be provided for a nominal donation.

The rest of the year will be interesting, too. Please see Waldo’s Coffeehouse fall events below and mark them on your calendar. Also, watch for a coming survey about Waldo’s Coffeehouse soon.

  • July 14:                        Mindy Simmons
  • August 11:                  Hiroya Tsukamoto
  • September 8:           Aspen Countryman
  • October13:                 The Good Graces
  • December 1:             Brian Frey & Friends


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