The Waldo’s Coffeehouse presents on February 10: The South Carolina Folk Duo Friction Farm

Waldo’s Coffeehouse presents on February 10: The South Carolina Folk Duo Friction Farm

In October 2016 they had planned to play at Waldo’s Coffeehouse. But then the fire in our sanctuary forced us to a last minute cancellation of their concert. Now we try it again, this time hopefully with more luck. On February 10, Waldo’s Coffeehouse presents Friction Farm. This modern folk duo from South Carolina are guitarist/vocalist Aidan Quinn and bassist/vocalist Christine Stay. Blending country, folk and pop into a seamless package, they bring a rare freshness and spontaneity to the stage. Friction Farm combines storytelling, social commentary and humor to create songs of everyday life, local heroes and quirky observations. From ballads to anthems, each song is filled with harmony and hope.

Their CD “I Read Your Book” features songs each inspired by a different book. Friction Farm’s previous recording earned them a spot as Kerrville New Folk Finalists and Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists. They were also winner of the Songwriter Competition at the South Florida Folk Festival. Miami New Times describes them as “melodious and infectious folk nuggets that couple pretty harmonies with a contemplative simplicity.” 

Christine and Aiden love to play at listening rooms and especially enjoy to be with UU fellowships. They also have been concert hour performers at SUUSI.  You can see, listen to samples of their songs, and read all about them  at

Waldo’s Coffeehouse offers also free Child care (preregistration at required until 2/7). The concert at Emerson UUC in Marietta starts at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Entrance donation is $10. Snacks are available, but contributions of members to our snack table are always appreciated. Adult beverages will be provided for a donation.

The Waldo’s Coffeehouse presents a Bluegrass evening Saturday, January 13, 2018

Waldo’s Coffeehouse invites to a Bluegrass evening Saturday, January 13, 2018

Just Bluegrass as opener for Waldo’s Coffeehouse Season 2018 you ask? Oh no, The Barbaric Yawps are so much more. How about Americana? Folk? Old time? Country? Well, one thing is for sure: This will be an upbeat and fun evening.

The Barbaric Yawps are an eclectic acoustic band steeped in bluegrass and traditional country but impatient with labels, categories, and genre-nazis in general. They have been playing bluegrass together since joining the Saddle Mountain Bluegrass Boys in 2011. Formed in 2013, the Yawps’ original members included Kate Agnew on Banjo and vocals, Joel Keene on bass and vocals, and Jim Watkins on Guitar, mandolin, and vocals. In January 2015 Thomas Ryan joined the group on banjo, guitar, mandolin, and vocals. Kate left the band in May 2016 to return to her hometown of Jacksonville and The Yawps were joined by Jeremy Guider on mandolin, guitar, & vocals. The Barbaric Yawps play originals and covers of a wide array of artists ranging from Bill Monroe and The Stanley Brothers, to John Hartford and John Prine, to the Beatles, Funkadelic, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones.

Come and join us for Emerson’s largest fundraising event, Waldo’s Coffeehouse. Mark your calendar for the 2018 concerts (see below). And one more thing: In order to maximize the above mentioned Emerson fundraising opportunities through Waldo’s Coffeehouse, please try to avoid to schedule other Emerson events at these dates. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

The concert at Emerson UUC, 4010 Canton Road, Marietta, GA 30066 starts at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Entrance donation is $10 – children under 18 are free. In fact, Waldo’s Coffeehouse offers free child care! (preregistration required at by 01/10/2018). Snacks and drinks will be provided and adult beverages will once again be offered for a nominal donation.

Waldo’s Coffeehouse events 2018 – mark them on your calendar. Opening acts are still “open” J – volunteers are welcome, please write to

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  • April 14:              Dustin’s Ragtime & Novelties
  • May 12:               Eloquent Stranger
  • July 14:                Mindy Simmons
  • August 11:          Hiroya Tsukamoto
  • September 8:   Aspen Countryman
  • October13:         The Good Graces
  • November 10:  Brian Frey & Friends